Nintex workflow status number

If you want a work­flow to check if anoth­er work­flow is run­ning you can test the the col­umn that holds the work­flow sta­tus. In the list view you will see some­thing like: In progress, can­celled, etc. These sta­tus indi­ca­tors can change depend­ing on the lan­guage that Share­Point or Nin­tex is run­ning in. So to make sure you don’t run in to lan­guage prob­lems you can check the sta­tus based on the numer­i­cal val­ue of the col­umn.

2 In progress
3 Error occurred
4 Can­celled
5 Com­plet­ed
6 Failed on Start (retry­ing)

These val­ues can also be dis­played by cre­at­ing a view of the list that includes columns of each of the work­flows and then view­ing it in Edit Datasheet.