Display the formtemplate version on the InfoPath 2007 form

To dis­play the form ver­sion on the InfoPath 2007 form add an expres­sion box con­trol to the form. Copy and past the fol­low­ing code in the Xpath box.

substring-before(substring-after(/processing-instruction()[local-name(.) = "mso-infoPathSolution"], 'solutionVersion="'), '"')

Determine the SharePoint version

Descrip­tion WSS KB MOSS KB Ver­sion
Aug 09 CU KB973400
June 09 CU
April 09 CU
SP2 KB953338 KB953334
Feb­ru­ary CU KB961755 KB961756
Decem­ber CU KB960010 KB960011
Octo­ber Cumu­la­tive update KB957691 KB957693
August Cumu­la­tive update KB956056 KB951297
Infra­struc­ture Update KB951695 KB951297
Post SP1 Hot­fix KB948945
Post SP1 Hot­fix KB941274
Post SP1 Hot­fix KB941422
Octo­ber 2007 pub­lic update
August 2007 hot­fix
Beta 2 TR
Beta 2