Hide the Recent tab in SharePoint Navigation

I have never liked the “Recent” tab in the SharePoint QuickStart navigation.

Hide Recent 1

So here is a way to hide it forever! We do this by editing the properties of the link in the navigation settings of the site. We will display the link to all members of a newly created group. The thing is that there are no members in that group (other than the farm administrator of course).


Step 1

Go into Site settings.

Hide Recent 2

Step 2

Open People and groups to create a new group

Hide Recent 3


Step 3

Switch the view to Groups

Hide Recent 4


Step 4

Click “New” to creat the new group.

Hide Recent 5



Step 5

Give the new group a name and enter a description.

Hide Recent 6

Shouldn’t it say Group Description or something?

Leave all settings default and click “Create”.

Step 6

Delete yourself from the group

Hide Recent 8

If you created the group logged in with the system administrative account the group will be empty. 


Step 7

Go into Site settings and Navigation

Hide Recent 9

And scroll down to Structural navigation

Step 8

Select the Recent heading and click on “Edit”

Hide Recent 10


Step 9

Edit the properties for this Heading.

Find the newly created group by clicking on the address book.

Hide Recent 11

Select “SharePoint Groups”

Hide Recent 12

Search, select, add and hit “OK”

Hide Recent 13


If all went well you should see this screen. Just click “OK”

Hide Recent 14

And now the Recent heading will be hidden.

Hide Recent 15

Navigation options missing in site settings

In some situations you will notice that the navigation option is missing from the site settings screen.

Modifying the global or the current navigation is not possible.
Or is it?

Yes, in fact there are two solutions.

The reason that the navigation option is missing is due to the fact that your site does not have the publishing functionality enabled.

Option 1

So enabling this feature will give you back the navigation option.

Go to Site Actions->Site Settings then under “site collection adminstration” section click on “site collection features”. Now Activate the “Office Sharepoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” feature. You need to be a site collection administrator to be able to activate this feature. Now for each site you can activate feature “Office SharePoint Server Publishing”. You are done. Now you should be able to see the navigation option.

Option 2

If you don’t want to enable the publishing feature you can use the quick link /_layouts/AreaNavigationSettings.aspx
Append this directly after the url for your site and you’ll be directed to the navigation modification screen.

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