Why the SharePoint 2013 search results web part is not showing all results

Why the SharePoint 2013 search results web part is not showing all results

I added the search results webart to my team­site in order to cre­ate a dynam­ic list with all sub­sites. But the strange thing I noticed was that when build­ing the query the search results pre­view was show­ing all sub­sites, and after i added the web­part to my site it didn’t any­more. It only showed a cou­ple.

The rea­son this hap­pens is because Share­Point 2013 search is trim­ming the search results. In this case it finds a cou­ple of results that are quite sim­i­lar and by default dupli­cates are fil­tered out of the result set.

You can view dupli­cates but you’d have to hov­er over a search result that in fact has a dupli­cate.

In the next screen­shots i will explain what hap­pened and how i fixed it.

Search results query webpart with preview

Webpart showing only two results instead of four

The fix

We need to change the TrimDu­pli­cates para­me­ter and set it to false. Unfor­tu­nate­ly it is not a set­ting in the Edit Web Part prop­er­ties pane. So we will have to down­load the web part and change the para­me­ter using an edi­tor.

Edit the web part

Find TrimDu­pli­cates and change it’s val­ue from true to false.

Search Results.webpart

Save the file and rename it if you like.

Upload the edited web part

Add the web part to the site

After you’ve uploaded the new web part it’ll show up in the list under Import­ed Web Parts

Fixed it!