SharePoint 2013 Crawl job will not stop

When you are unable to stop a crawl (full or incre­men­tal) using the cen­tral admin, you can try these addi­tion­al steps.

  1. Stop and start the Share­Point Serv­er Search 15 ser­vice
    1. Do this by going into services.msc (Hit Win­dows, R and type services.msc)
    2. Find the ser­vice and hit restart
  2. Run this pow­er­shell script on your Share­Point serv­er

Add-PSSnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell"

Get-SPEn­ter­pris­eSearchCrawl­Con­tentSource ‑SearchAp­pli­ca­tion “Search Ser­vice App” | ForE­ach-Object {
if ($.Crawl­Sta­tus ‑ne “Idle”)
Write-Host “Stop­ping cur­rent­ly run­ning crawl for con­tent source $($
do { Start-Sleep ‑Sec­onds 1 }
while ($
.Crawl­Sta­tus ‑ne “Idle”)
Write-Host “Start­ing full crawl for con­tent source $($.Name)…”

This should get things going again. ​