Calculate week number in SharePoint

Add a calculated field column and use this formula:




I have seen sites that use this formula:


But in my case i had to get rid of the brackets [] and replace the semicolons ; with a comma ,



Beats me!


Give one user full control of another user’s mailbox in Office 365

To give yourself or another user full access to someone else’s mailbox in Office 365 you have to use powershell. It can’t be done online.

Mailbox access

In this example we are going to give Pieter full access to the mailbox of Danielle use this command:

Add-MailboxPermission  -User -AccessRights FullAccess

Inbox access

As an alternative you can also give permissions to an inbox only

Here’s the code:

Add-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity\Inbox -User -AccessRights Owner


For more detailed information, please refer below article:

Give an Administrator the Ability to Open and View the Contents of a User’s Mailbox( )

Open another user’s mailbox in Office 365

In Office 365 you can open another user’s mailbox. Here’s how.

Go to the outlook web access page. In the left column find your username and right click on it.

Right click on your username













Then select “Other user’s inbox”

Select other user's inbox
Select other user’s inbox












In the dialog box that appears, enter the name of the desired mailbox or use the addressbook icon to do a full search.

Enter the name of the desired mailbox
Enter the name of the desired mailbox






And click OK. Now you will see the other user’s mailbox appear in the left column.

There's your other user's mailbox
There’s your other user’s mailbox














When you receive an error stating that you have no permission to open the inbox when you are sure it exists, you may need to get the right permissions from your administrator.

Not found or no permission
Not found or no permission






I also have an article that explains how to set the right permissions.

Read it here.

Data adapter failed during onload using a dataconnection file from InfoPath Form

The problem: When accessing a SQL table or view from a browser enabled InfoPath Form gives you an error Data adapter failed during OnLoad

EventID: 5566

This happens when using a dataconnection to a SQL server using a .udx file.

To solve this you need to have Enable embedded SQL authentication checked. Also if your SQL runs on another server you need cross domain acces. So make sure that Allow Cross-domain data access for User Form Templates is checked.

Change these settings in Central Administration/Configure InfoPath Forms Services

  • http://<servername:port>/_admin/ipfsConfig.aspx

Click for a lager view

HTML page as a landing page before entering SharePoint

Do you for some reason you would like to have a landingpage to be displayed before a visitor enters the SharePoint site? This post gives an option to do just that.

What we need to do is to set a new folder where visitors “land”. There you will have created an index.html that suits you.

First make sure your new index.html is ready and works fine. On that page you can add a link back to the SharePoint site. (I used /Pages/Default.aspx)
You can test your new page by entering /LandingPage/Index.html after the url of your SharePoint site. (

To set the new folder we’re going to edit the web.config of the SharePoint site. You can find this file in the <systemdrive>\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\<sitename>
But remember to make backup copies before making any changes.

Right under <system.web> enter these three lines:
<urlMappings enabled=”true”>
<add url=”~/” mappedUrl=”/LandinPage/Index.html”/>

Replace LandingPage/Index.html with the folder and name of your html page.

Save the web.config and restart the iis. (iisreset from the command prompt)

Hidden property cannot be set on web part

I was constructing a webpage with an InfoPath form and a QueryFilter webpart on it. After saving it i coudn’t open the new page from a browser. It threw a correlation error at me.

Using the ULSviewer i traced down to this errormessage: hidden property cannot be set on web part [web part name] since it is a standalone web part.


The reason i got this error was that i placed the QueryFilter webpart outside of a webpartzone on the page. Moving it into a webpartzone (i first had to create one) solved my problem.

Access denied error when trying to create a crawl schedule in SharePoint 2010

When you receive an access denied while creating a new crawl schedule this just might be the solution.

On the search server the local user WSS_WPG needs read & write privileges on the Tasks folder. This folder resides in the windows system folder. I my case a reset of IIS was unnecessary.