Add extra result types and properties to the advanced search page

Step 1

First open the advanced search page.
This page can be found at <sitecollection>/search/advanced.aspx Result types 1

Step 2

Edit the page

Result types 2

Step 3

Edit the web­part

Result types 3

Step 4

Open the builder win­dow to edit prop­er­ties

Result types 4

Step 5

Once in the builder win­dow, select all con­tents by hit­ting CTRL‑A and copy it with CRTL‑C Result types 5

Step 6

Open Visu­al Stu­dio (or any oth­er edi­tor) and cre­ate a new XML file. We are not going to save this file but past­ing it into visu­al stu­dio for­mats the text so it is out­lined prop­er­ly. Result types 6

Step 7

Remove the default head­er. (CTRL‑A and DEL)

Result types 7

Step 8

And paste the XML from the web­part Result types 8

Looks much bet­ter does­n’t it?

Step 9

First we’ll cre­ate a new Result­Type Select the “Doc­u­ments” Result­Type. Copy and past it at the end of the Result­Types sec­tion.

Result types 9

Step 10

Rename “Doc­u­ments”. In this case we are going to use “Man­u­scripts” Result types 10

Step 11

Next we’ll cre­ate a new prop­er­ty def­i­n­i­tion Result types 11

Step 12

Add the new Prop­er­ty Def­i­n­i­tion to the new Result­Type Result types 12

Step 13

Copy all text and paste it back into the Builder win­dow in Share­Point Result types 13 And click OK

Step 14

Click OK to save the changes to the Web­part and save the page.

Result types 14

Don’t for­get to check in and pub­lish the page.

Et voila!

Result types 15