Data adapter failed during onload using a dataconnection file from InfoPath Form

The problem: When accessing a SQL table or view from a browser enabled InfoPath Form gives you an error Data adapter failed during OnLoad

Even­tID: 5566

This hap­pens when using a dat­a­con­nec­tion to a SQL serv­er using a .udx file.

To solve this you need to have Enable embed­ded SQL authen­ti­ca­tion checked. Also if your SQL runs on anoth­er serv­er you need cross domain acces. So make sure that Allow Cross-domain data access for User Form Tem­plates is checked.

Change these set­tings in Cen­tral Administration/Configure InfoPath Forms Ser­vices

  • http://<servername:port>/_admin/ipfsConfig.aspx

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