Display the formtemplate version on the InfoPath 2007 form

To dis­play the form ver­sion on the InfoPath 2007 form add an expres­sion box con­trol to the form. Copy and past the fol­low­ing code in the Xpath box.

substring-before(substring-after(/processing-instruction()[local-name(.) = "mso-infoPathSolution"], 'solutionVersion="'), '"')

Navigate back to URL of your choice after closing in a form in a webbrowser

When you have filled in an InfoPath form in a web­brows­er using a link you would like to return to the place you left off.
By default you will be sent back to the list where the form orig­i­nates.

To sent you back to a URL of your choice you can use the &Source option in the URL that is call­ing the form.