Cascading drop down selection fields in browser enabled InfoPath form

The oth­er day I had to cre­ate an InfoPath form that was using cas­cad­ing drop down selec­tion fields. But then I dis­cov­ered that when you set the form to be brows­er enabled it is not pos­si­ble to use a fil­ter in order to lim­it the selec­tion.

Luck­i­ly i stum­bled upon a very good arti­cle by Ishai Sagi. He explains in this arti­cle how to use the owssvr.dll ser­vice to load a fil­tered xml ver­sion of a Share­Point list. Thanks Ishai!

There are a few addi­tions i would like to add to his arti­cle.

  1. When select­ing items from a ware­house that are based on an item-cat­e­go­ry the list that pops up is not sort­ed. This might make find­ing the right item a tough job. This is where the View para­me­ter comes in handy.
    • Cre­ate a view in Share­Point that lists the items in the order you wish and maybe even apply a fil­ter.
    • Use the &View={view GUID} para­me­ter to select this view.  …/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&List={put the ID here}&View={List GUID}&XMLDATA=TRUE
  2. To pre­vent mak­ing selec­tions that do not match is is wise to clear the child fields when you have select­ed an item in the par­ent field. Oth­er­wise it is pos­si­ble to change the par­ent field after you have select­ed an item in the child field and come up with an impos­si­ble set of items. To do this cre­ate a rule for the par­ent field that sets the child field to “”. This way you are sure that the child field is blank and that a new choice has to be made.

Nintex workflow status number

If you want a work­flow to check if anoth­er work­flow is run­ning you can test the the col­umn that holds the work­flow sta­tus. In the list view you will see some­thing like: In progress, can­celled, etc. These sta­tus indi­ca­tors can change depend­ing on the lan­guage that Share­Point or Nin­tex is run­ning in. So to make sure you don’t run in to lan­guage prob­lems you can check the sta­tus based on the numer­i­cal val­ue of the col­umn.

2 In progress
3 Error occurred
4 Can­celled
5 Com­plet­ed
6 Failed on Start (retry­ing)

These val­ues can also be dis­played by cre­at­ing a view of the list that includes columns of each of the work­flows and then view­ing it in Edit Datasheet.

11 Proef in Infopath

Een val­i­datie van een BSN in infopath. Bij het invullen van een BSN is het wenselijk dat direct aangegeven kan wor­den of het ingevo­erde num­mer een geldig BSN is.

De for­mule die hier­voor gebruik wordt is:

(9 * sub­string(., 1, 1) + 8 * sub­string(., 2, 1) + 7 * sub­string(., 3, 1) + 6 * sub­string(., 4, 1) + 5 * sub­string(., 5, 1) + 4 * sub­string(., 6, 1) + 3 * sub­string(., 7, 1) + 2 * sub­string(., 8, 1) — 1 * sub­string(., 9, 1)) mod 11 != 0

Hieron­der leg ik aan de hand van voor­beelden uit hoe deze is te gebruiken in een Infopath for­muli­er.

Open de eigen­schap­pen van een tek­stveld:

Klik op gegevensval­i­datie:

n kies Toevoe­gen

Kies ver­vol­gens bij Als deze voor­waarde waar is: voor De expressie

En plak hier de for­mule uit het voor­beeld

Vul bij Scher­min­fo in: Geen geldig BSN

Klik 3 x op OK


Delete content type from a list or library

Some­times you would like to remove a con­tent type form a list or library. But when you have a lot of items in that list or library that have a con­nec­tion to that con­tent type you wil receive a mes­sage that you can­not remove the con­tent type. And you don’t like to lose all the items in your list or library.

Here’s what you can do:
Delete all the items form the list or library. Don’t wor­ry for they wil be stored in the recy­cle bin. Now you are able to delete the con­tent type. After it’s gone you can restore the items back from the bin and you are ready.