Cascading drop down selection fields in browser enabled InfoPath form

The other day I had to create an InfoPath form that was using cascading drop down selection fields. But then I discovered that when you set the form to be browser enabled it is not possible to use a filter in order to limit the selection.

Luckily i stumbled upon a very good article by Ishai Sagi. He explains in this article how to use the owssvr.dll service to load a filtered xml version of a SharePoint list. Thanks Ishai!

There are a few additions i would like to add to his article.

  1. When selecting items from a warehouse that are based on an item-category the list that pops up is not sorted. This might make finding the right item a tough job. This is where the View parameter comes in handy.
    • Create a view in SharePoint that lists the items in the order you wish and maybe even apply a filter.
    • Use the &View={view GUID} parameter to select this view.  …/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&List={put the ID here}&View={List GUID}&XMLDATA=TRUE
  2. To prevent making selections that do not match is is wise to clear the child fields when you have selected an item in the parent field. Otherwise it is possible to change the parent field after you have selected an item in the child field and come up with an impossible set of items. To do this create a rule for the parent field that sets the child field to “”. This way you are sure that the child field is blank and that a new choice has to be made.

Nintex workflow status number

If you want a workflow to check if another workflow is running you can test the the column that holds the workflow status. In the list view you will see something like: In progress, cancelled, etc. These status indicators can change depending on the language that SharePoint or Nintex is running in. So to make sure you don’t run in to language problems you can check the status based on the numerical value of the column.

2 In progress
3 Error occurred
4 Cancelled
5 Completed
6 Failed on Start (retrying)

These values can also be displayed by creating a view of the list that includes columns of each of the workflows and then viewing it in Edit Datasheet.

11 Proef in Infopath

Een validatie van een BSN in infopath. Bij het invullen van een BSN is het wenselijk dat direct aangegeven kan worden of het ingevoerde nummer een geldig BSN is.

De formule die hiervoor gebruik wordt is:

(9 * substring(., 1, 1) + 8 * substring(., 2, 1) + 7 * substring(., 3, 1) + 6 * substring(., 4, 1) + 5 * substring(., 5, 1) + 4 * substring(., 6, 1) + 3 * substring(., 7, 1) + 2 * substring(., 8, 1) – 1 * substring(., 9, 1)) mod 11 != 0

Hieronder leg ik aan de hand van voorbeelden uit hoe deze is te gebruiken in een Infopath formulier.

Open de eigenschappen van een tekstveld:

Klik op gegevensvalidatie:

n kies Toevoegen

Kies vervolgens bij Als deze voorwaarde waar is: voor De expressie

En plak hier de formule uit het voorbeeld

Vul bij Scherminfo in: Geen geldig BSN

Klik 3 x op OK


Delete content type from a list or library

Sometimes you would like to remove a content type form a list or library. But when you have a lot of items in that list or library that have a connection to that content type you wil receive a message that you cannot remove the content type. And you don’t like to lose all the items in your list or library.

Here’s what you can do:
Delete all the items form the list or library. Don’t worry for they wil be stored in the recycle bin. Now you are able to delete the content type. After it’s gone you can restore the items back from the bin and you are ready.